BitCoin Debit Card Purchases: How And Why To Do It

Ready to invest in Bitcoin? Confused about how to get started? Here’s why we believe buying bitcoin with your debit card is the best option; the secure and easy way to invest in this exciting alternative currency.

Why Bitcoin?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Bitcoin has been one of the hottest investing subjects over the past several years. From Microsoft to Subway, many major retailers are accepting payment in the form of this digital currency. As the list of businesses accepting Bitcoin payments keeps growing, now might be a good time to invest as part of your overall Investment Management strategy.

Bitcoin may be a particularly good strategy to add to your portfolio because of its diversified nature – adding uncorrelated assets into your portfolio can be a good way to minimize loss, by spreading your risk between different asset classes. Bitcoin is still a very risky investment though, so we don’t recommend that you invest any more than 10% of your money in digital currencies. Yet, where there is big risk there is the potential for big rewards!

How to buy Bitcoin online with a debit card

With all the talk about Wallets and Coins, it can be quite confusing if you want to start investing in Bitcoin. Many of us don’t get started for this very reason – the set-up processes are arduous, the language is confusing and the options are overwhelming. While many of us are interested in investing in Bitcoin, it can be hard to get started.

For those who live outside the U.S., it may be even more difficult and less secure.

Here at iBillionaire, we’ve made it simple. Through our platform you can invest easily and quickly into this exciting market. Better yet, we’ve just opened up the ability to invest with your debit card, meaning that almost everyone can invest from any country in the world. Debit card investing also means significantly faster transaction times than wire transfers.

How does it work?

When you’re investing in Bitcoin through iBillioniare, you’re actually investing into a regulated fund that is linked with the market price, the Bitcoin Investment Trust GBTC, which may have a slight premium or discount to Bitcoin performance. So while you’re not purchasing Bitcoins yourself, you are purchasing part ownership in an investment fund or vehicle that purchases the bitcoins for you. This means that when the price of Bitcoin goes up, your portfolio value also goes up.

Investing in this way is much, much more secure than buying Bitcoin through somewhere like eBay. (Yes, you can even buy Bitcoins on eBay!) While you can purchase Bitcoins directly through somewhere like CoinBase, many of these companies don’t offer the same types of diversification options as iBillionaire, such as auto-investing or investing into other sectors, all on the same platform. It might just be the easiest way to buy Bitcoin.


BitCoin Debit Card Purchases: How And Why To Do It

How do I get started?

iBillionaire really is a great way to get started investing in Bitcoin, as well as other investments. First, open up an account on iBillioniare. (Here’s a step-by-step guide.) Don’t worry, it really only does take 5 minutes. If you choose, you can safely link your profile to your bank account via secure, trusted third party providers. If not, you can also choose to fund your account via your debit card. (There is a step-by-step guide to link your account and buy stocks online with your debit card here and also at the bottom of this article)

Whichever funding method you choose, to buy Bitcoin by transferring money from your bank account, or to buy Bitcoin with a debit card, you can choose one of two options: a regularly scheduled auto-investment or a one-off purchase.

A one-off purchase is just as it sounds – you make a one-off payment to iBillionaire and you allocate it into the fund of your choice, for example, Bitcoin.

For auto-investment payments, you choose the amount of your investment and the frequency, either monthly or weekly. So let’s say you want to invest $50 a week, you can set this up once through our app or on our website, and then relax, knowing that you are slowly building your investment nest egg.

By opening up an account on iBillionaire it also makes your overall investing life easier. If you want to buy or sell more Bitcoins then it’s simple – just choose to invest more or less through our app. And, if you’re interested in purchasing other strategies, for example the tech strategy or the Buffett strategy, then you can do that, too. With just a couple of taps on your phone you can be investing in a range of interesting strategies that’s as diverse as you want them to be.

What’s new about our debit card feature?

While we have offered the ability to invest in Bitcoin for quite some time (we were one of the first to offer auto-investing in this strategy), we’re also super excited to announce that you can now invest using your debit card. As far as we’re aware, we’re the first to offer this option to all nationalities*.

Particularly for residents of non-USA countries, this means that you don’t have to rely on wire transfers to fund your investing account but instead can make easy payments using your debit card. It’s the quickest and safest way to top-up your account; transaction speeds are comparable to traditional high-street brokers and payments are securely handled by our fully encrypted servers. The best bit is that we offer this option to a huge number of countries all over the world which cannot said by our competitors.

Whether you live in the EU, Latin America, Asia or Africa, it’s now possible through iBillionaire to invest using BitCoin with your debit card. You can get started from as little as $5 so you certainly don’t need to be wealthy to start your investment.

We’re so excited to launch this new feature as part of our iBillionaire range. We’re the first company that we know of to offer this feature, and we encourage you to take advantage of this exciting opportunity by investing in sectors like BitCoin.

It’s easy, speedy and is available internationally. Why not give it a try?

*Unfortunately there are still some countries where we are unable to offer the purchase of BitCoins with your debit card: Afghanistan, Croatia, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Laos PDR, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Pakistan, Sao Tome & Principe, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, Vanuati, Yemen, Zimbabwe

How to Upload your Debit Card & Buy Stocks...

...From anywhere in the world! Once you create an account on iBillionaire, it's easy to link your debit card and start investing with just $5. You can link a debit card from just about anywhere in the world!

Click on "Settings" in the Android App.

Scroll to "Payment Methods" and click on it.

Select "Debit Card"

Select "Add Debit Card"

The debit card reader can pull your info automatically

Next, your camera will open and you'll see a screen with an option to fit your debit card in the designated rectangle. The debit card reader can pull your information from your card automatically, so you don't have to write it out. If it doesn't work, just hit "Keyboard" to enter your info by hand.

If the debit card reader didn't automatically pull your info from your card, enter it here. Then click "Take A Picture."

Glide your finger on the screen to white out sensitive info

White out everything but the last 4 digits of your card & your name

Confirm all of your info is correct

And that's it! Your debit card should be verified within the next day or two, at which point you can start investing!