Now everyone in the world can invest & buy stocks with a debit card

It is now possible to buy stocks with a debit card – any debit card – from almost every country in the world. That it is now possible to invest with a debit card is a significant development because it opens the door to investing in the United States financial markets to almost everyone in the world.

Investing in the U.S. markets was previously a privilege accessible to only U.S. citizens with bank accounts and know-how, or to ultra-wealthy citizens of countries outside of the U.S.

The resources necessary for international citizens to invest have drastically changed in just the past year. And now, with iBillionaire, it is now possible to buy stocks with a debit card from almost any country in the world. Better yet, it’s possible without any paperwork, and in just a few steps.

How to invest with a debit card from anywhere in the world

Follow the step-by-step guides on the right to see how easy it is to start investing. The first is a guide to opening an account on the iBillionaire investment app. The second is a guide for international investors showing how to connect a debit card to iBillionaire in order to buy stocks with a debit card.

Here is another guide about how to start investing for beginners.

Keep reading to learn why investing with a debit card is such a significant development.

Investing with a debit card means investing for everyone

Previously, exclusion from the U.S. financial market meant that people in emerging markets like Latin America were stuck investing in their own country’s stock market, or worse, not at all. The disadvantage: exclusion from the stock market in the U.S., which is the most powerful wealth generator out there. In fact, it is the largest in the world, and has consistently performed better over the long term than stock markets in any other country.

When you take a long-term view, it’s easy to see that the stock market is the most effective method of wealth creation out there. – Jim Cramer

Yet until now, this powerful money-making machine has only been available to foreigners who are ultra wealthy. This is a travesty because the needs and purchases of all citizens of the world is responsible for the growth and profitability of companies and countries. And, the wealthy already have money, why should they be the only ones who get to invest, and share in the profits they help create, and make even more money?

That was exactly our question at iBillionaire, and it is the reason why we worked for over a year to enable debit card investing and make it easy for anyone in the world to invest.

iBillionaire is the first investment app that allows anyone in the world to invest with their debit card

Until now, who investors are, and what they’re doing with their money hadn’t much changed for centuries. The wealthy have been growing their savings by investing in stocks, bonds, and more since the 1600s and arguably earlier.

Now, thanks first to technology and second to debit card investing, the definition of an investor has changed to include just about everyone. Thanks to the technology provided by online brokerages, investment apps, and fractional shares, investing is no longer just for “rich people.

How To Open An iBillionaire Account

Have handy: your bank account info OR your debit card, and if you are from outside the U.S., a government-issued ID.

Open the app, and click "Open an account"

Enter your email address and create a password

Enter your first & last name, then click "Continue."

What is your phone number?

With the country code first, enter your phone number. We won't call you. This is just an SEC requirement.

Are you a U.S. Citizen? Click "Yes." If not, click "No."

(The next few steps will be slightly different depending on your country of citizenship.)

Are you living in the same country where you are a citizen?

You'll get this question if you are a citizen of a country outside the U.S.

If you don't live in your country of citizenship, select where you do live.

You'll get this question if you are a citizen of a country outside the U.S.

Where were you born? Select the country.

This question is for everyone. (We're asking all of these because they are required by the SEC to invest in the U.S. stock market, by the way.)

Start entering your address

Select it when it pops up in the suggestions below.

Confirm your address, then click Continue

Enter your date of birth, then click Continue

Choose the #1 thing you want from your iBillionaire account

It's good to think about your goals ahead of time. Also, this is an SEC requirement.

Choose the best description of your level of investment experience

Choose the best description of your risk tolerance

You can invest in whatever you like no matter what you choose, but it's wise to consider the risk of each investment. Also, this is an SEC requirement.

Select the range that your annual income fits into

We don't use this information. This is for the SEC.

Select the range that your net worth falls into.

Private questions, we know! These are for the SEC, not us.

Next answer how much cash you have readily available

Keep in mind that while they might feel intrusive, these questions are required to open any brokerage account in the U.S.

Do you have a day job? Choose the answer that best describes you

Enter the name of the company you work for and your job title

We don't contact your employer. This is solely to confirm that you do or don't work for a broker dealer, an SEC requirement.

If your answer to any of these is "yes," slide the dot to the right

(These questions are from the SEC in order to prevent insider trading. If you answer yes, you can still invest. The oversight will just be a bit different. For example if you work for a broker dealer, we will send trade information to your employer, as required by the SEC.)

If you're a U.S. Citizen, enter your Social Security Number

Your SSN is securely encrypted. Also, we never use this information. We ask it because the SEC requires it for all U.S. brokerage accounts.

International clients, you'll be asked to upload a photo of your ID. Then just one more step!

Head over to "Payment Methods" to link your debit card

U.S. Citizens, link your bank account. Everyone else, proceed to the next tutorial to see how to link an international debit card

We use a secure third party service that can link most U.S. bank accounts directly to iBillionaire instantly

If linking doesn't work, or you'd rather not, you can link via micro-deposits.

Click to check the "I'm not a robot" box

Select the photos that match the description given

Click on your bank, or select the option to see more

If linking your bank account doesn't work, you can authorize withdrawals using micro-deposits

It takes a day or two.

Next you'll log in to your bank directly in the app, and then pick where you want to receive a verification code

Then enter the code you receive

You're SO close now to being an investor on iBillionaire.

And you're done! Your account should be up and running within the next day

How to Upload your Debit Card & Buy Stocks...

...From anywhere in the world! Once you create an account on iBillionaire, it's easy to link your debit card and start investing with just $5. You can link a debit card from just about anywhere in the world!

Click on "Settings" in the Android App.

Scroll to "Payment Methods" and click on it.

Select "Debit Card"

Select "Add Debit Card"

The debit card reader can pull your info automatically

Next, your camera will open and you'll see a screen with an option to fit your debit card in the designated rectangle. The debit card reader can pull your information from your card automatically, so you don't have to write it out. If it doesn't work, just hit "Keyboard" to enter your info by hand.

If the debit card reader didn't automatically pull your info from your card, enter it here. Then click "Take A Picture."

Glide your finger on the screen to white out sensitive info

White out everything but the last 4 digits of your card & your name

Confirm all of your info is correct

And that's it! Your debit card should be verified within the next day or two, at which point you can start investing!

You don’t have to be rich to invest. All you need is $5

Investment apps are cheap, trading is free, and fractional shares make it possible to invest $5 in a stock that Amazon that normally costs almost $2,000. Plus, there are no account minimums on most investment apps.

Invest from (almost) any country in the world

Finally, investing in the U.S. is no longer something that only people in certain countries can do. All nationalities can invest thanks to debit card investing. Investing with a debit card from many countries is only possible with iBillionaire, the first investment app to allow almost anyone in the world to invest with a debit card.

Why did it take so long for things to change?

The reason it took so long for the status quo to change is simple: expense and difficulty. Opening a brokerage account in the past required paperwork, a personal relationship with a broker, and hefty fees on top of that. Additionally, governments put in place laws and regulations that are (necessary) barriers to investing, to prevent fraud and insider trading, for example. Also, there is a certain (perceived or actual) level of education required to invest. And, first-timers face the difficulty of understanding how to invest, where to invest, and how to begin investing in general.

Barriers, be gone. Now everything is so much easier and cheaper, so that everyone can invest. Education is more accessible than ever thanks to the internet – on blogs like ours, and on websites like Investopedia. Competition has forced prices to come down significantly, and investing apps like iBillionaire and Robinhood offer free trading. Once on these platforms, exchange-traded funds, a relatively new investment vehicle, make it easy and affordable to invest in many different investments, which diversifies and reduces risk. On iBillionaire, buying fractional shares and iBTFs results in the same: making it cheaper to buy many stocks and investments in order to diversify.

Financial inclusion for people living in emerging markets and almost all countries is now a reality thanks to iBillionaire. Even if you aren’t a U.S. citizen and don’t have a U.S. bank account, iBillionaire gives you access to the “most effective method of wealth creation out there.” Anyone can invest and buy stocks with a debit card and just $5.

Don’t let your savings go to waste. Start investing today on iBillionaire.