Big news: you can finally buy Uber stock.

Uber IPOs today, Friday May 10, 2019. That means it is live on the stock market and for the first time, you can invest in it!

Uber is the company that pioneered the groundbreaking ride-share industry. Now they’re expanding into food delivery, flying cars, autonomous driving, and more.

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The Making Of The PULPS Continues With The Uber IPO


Uber isn’t the only hot start-up to IPO this year. What are the PULPS? The PULPS are the new FAANGs. They are some of the biggest tech start-ups out there, and they’re all expected to IPO in 2019.


​Uber is the latest start-up to be added to the PULPS, after Lyft and Pinterest earlier this year.




Pinterest – LIVE
Uber – LIVE
Lyft – LIVE
Postmates – Coming soon
Slack – Coming soon


In one click, you can invest in all five of these companies, the hottest start-ups to IPO this year.


The PULPS are only available on iBillionaire.


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