Is now a good time to buy Lyft stock? Read all about it.

iBillionaire’s expert insight on Lyft: Warren Buffett said yesterday on CNBC that the regular investor should not invest in a stock IPOing in a hot market. In other words, Warren Buffett’s advice is to sit out and not invest in the Lyft IPO, but here’s a risk-free alternative way to buy Lyft stock, if you’d like to anyway.

How To Buy Lyft– The Amazon Strategy

For investors who don’t know stock analysis who want to risk some of their money in individual stocks of the companies they like, like Lyft, we recommend the Amazon and Netflix strategy.

The Smart Strategy To Buy Lyft Stock

Buy Lyft stock using the Amazon and Netflix Strategy. We recommend investing monthly in the companies you use all of the time this way: invest just a small amount, like the cost of a Lyft ride, or the cost of a Amazon or Netflix subscription. That way, you’re not risking anything. You’re investing an amount that you would have otherwise spent. The best part: Investing $10 in Lyft every month could pay off a lot in the long run, and if it doesn’t, you’re not risking any more than you’d otherwise spend.

At iBillionaire, we call this the Amazon and Netflix Strategy

Invest $10 per month in Lyft. You can easily use just $10 to buy Lyft stock on iBillionaire, every month, without even thinking about it. That’s just the cost of one ride, but it can really add up!

In total, by paying for the service instead of investing your money, you’ve paid $780 to Amazon and $480 to Netflix, which doesn’t sound like that much, until you consider the size of the investment account you could have right now: $2,118 in Amazon and $1,504 in Netflix. 

Yup, did you know that investing your Amazon or Netflix subscription money instead of paying for the service would have earned you an extra $1,339 and $1,025, respectively, over the last 5 years.
The cost of a monthly subscription, $12.99, would have bought you 0.04 shares of Amazon 5 years ago. Today, only 0.01 shares. Of Netflix, your $7.99 would have bought you 0.17 shares. Today, just 0.02.
If you bought fractional shares on iBillionaire every month instead, you’d own 1.20 shares of Amazon and 4.26 shares of Netflix right now, even though you didn’t risk any more than you would have otherwise spent. Taking one less ride per month and investing in Lyft instead is a risk-free way to make some extra cash investing in a company you believe in and like!

Buy Lyft stock here on iBillionaire. Set up an auto-investment plan and invest $10 per month, effortlessly. You can also just email us at and we’ll help. Happy investing. We’re here to help.