How to upload your debit card on iBillionaire

Luckily, once you have opened an account on iBillionaire, uploading your debit card is a simple 1-2-3 process.

1. Upload your debit card (instructions below)

2. Next, you will get an email with a request to upload an Account Statement. It must have:

  • Your Name
  • Your Account Number

3. Wait for your Account Statement to be approved, then start investing! Here’s a guide on how to buy stocks online once you are ready.

If you haven’t opened an account yet, the same guide also shows you how to open an account on iBillionaire.

How to Upload your Debit Card & Buy Stocks...

...From anywhere in the world! Once you create an account on iBillionaire, it's easy to link your debit card and start investing with just $5. You can link a debit card from just about anywhere in the world!

Click on "Settings" in the Android App.

Scroll to "Payment Methods" and click on it.

Select "Debit Card"

Select "Add Debit Card"

The debit card reader can pull your info automatically

Next, your camera will open and you'll see a screen with an option to fit your debit card in the designated rectangle. The debit card reader can pull your information from your card automatically, so you don't have to write it out. If it doesn't work, just hit "Keyboard" to enter your info by hand.

If the debit card reader didn't automatically pull your info from your card, enter it here. Then click "Take A Picture."

Glide your finger on the screen to white out sensitive info

White out everything but the last 4 digits of your card & your name

Confirm all of your info is correct

And that's it! Your debit card should be verified within the next day or two, at which point you can start investing!