iBillionaire is the first platform to have PULPS available for investors.

The making of PULPS started with the Lyft IPO on March 29, 2019. Pinterest IPO’d on April 18, 2019 and Uber is expected to IPO in the next few weeks. The PULPS are the new FAANGs and you can only invest in all of them in one click on iBillionaire!

What are the PULPS?

They are: Pinterest, Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and Slack.  A tweet from CNBC’s Carl Quintinilla originally coined the FAANG-like term for 2019’s new IPOs. We then made the iBillionaire PULPS Strategy so people could invest in all of them in one click through our investing app. 

Watch iBillionaire’s Courtney Comstock talking about it on Yahoo Finance! 


How To Invest In the PULPS, the FAANGs of 2019: Only on iBillionaire

  • Carl Quintinilla nailed it: PULPS are the FAANGs of 2019. This week, PULPS kick off with Lyft IPO
  • The five PULPS are biggest IPOs in 2 years
  • They have a number of high profile investors; even the FAANGs themselves invest in the PULPS
  • iBillionaire is the only place where you can invest in all of them today, for $5
  • iBillionaire is the only place where you can follow the expert investor trades in the PULPS

Why You Should Invest in PULPS

    1. FAANGS were the story of last 5 years. PULPS is the story of 2019. It starts with Lyft’s IPO, as Lyft is the first PULPS to IPO.
    2. In the last 5 years the FAANGS returned +241.40% on average, outperforming the S&P 500 (+65.18%) by +176.22%. $1000 invested in the FAANGs 5 years ago = $3,409 today.
    3. Even the FAANGS are investing in the PULPS
      1. Google’s Waymo recently partnered with Lyft.
      2. Google Ventures invests in Uber & Slack.
      3. Google’s CapitalG invested in Lyft in 2017.
      4. Bezos invested in Uber in 2011.
      5. Apple invests in Softbank, which invests in Postmates.
    4. The new FAANGS start now with the Lyft IPO, the first of the 2019 IPO wave.

How To Invest in PULPS: Only on iBillionaire

    1. Invest early to gain first comer advantage. Two days into its roadshow, Lyft IPO is already oversubscribed. The only platform where you can invest in all 5 today (we will invest for you on IPO date). Five recent tech IPOs we track are up 20% in the last year, versus a flat S&P 500 and FAANG stocks up about 10%.
    2. Invest long-term. Lyft, Slack, Uber don’t generate profit right now. (Postmates profitable in 90% of markets & profitable on a contribution basis; Pinterest unknown)
    3. On iBillionaire you can invest in the PULPS with just $5. You can also invest in Lyft with as little as $5, or any of the PULPS stocks individually.
    4. Watch what the experts do. On iBillionaire you will know how the smart money is trading PULPS with our PUSH notifications.
      1. Our PUSH notifications will let you know when Carl Icahn sells or buys more Lyft (Icahn is hedge fund manager with filing requirements).
      2. You will know when Chase Coleman buys or sells more of Postmates.
      3. You will know if Warren Buffett buys Uber stock post-IPO.
      4. You will know if any other big hedge fund names have invested at the end of each quarter with our 13F tracking software.
    5. On iBillionaire you can auto-invest at no extra cost.
      1. With auto-investments, you dollar-cost average automatically, an expert-recommended strategy of reducing your volatility and downside risk.
      2. Auto-investments are well-suited for a longer-term, riskier investment in Lyft and the PULPS

Who Will Invest In The PULPS

    1. The “search for yield” crowd currently looking for riskier investments with higher potential upside, as evidenced by the increase in private equity investment and emerging markets.
    2. Young investors
      1. Young investors want to invest in brands they like and are young enough to take that risk and invest for the long-term. On iBillionaire, our PULPS strategy already has almost as many investors as Google.
      2. Young investors want to invest in things they believe in. Driverless cars and ridesharing is better for the environment.
      3. Young investors have FOMO. They weren’t old enough or didn’t have enough money to invest in the FAANGS before their stocks exploded.