With all the stress and worry that you have in your life right now, how much of it is related to your finances? For the onslaught of ups and downs that life throws at you, automating your savings could be a huge relief to the stresses of your everyday life. By taking control of your investments you can relax a little to know that your savings are growing, taking a big weight off your shoulders.

In a survey by the American Psychological Association (APA) of more than 3,000 American adults, a staggering 72 percent felt stressed about money at some point in the previous month. This includes 22 percent who felt extreme stress about money during that same time period.

Part of the reason that many of us don’t invest any of our money is because of the misconception that it is complicated and takes too much time. But with tools such as iBillionaire’s auto-invest feature, you can easily put aside a set amount of money every month or week to slowly, yet surely, build up your savings. Even if you’re only saving as little as $10 a week, the cumulative effects in the long run can really add up and help you on your way to your savings goals. By auto-investing in this way, it really simplifies your investing approach. Rather than spending time organizing your investments on a regular (or usually for most of us, sporadic!) basis, you can set-up your auto-investing habits just once, and then you’re done.

The survey by APA revealed that 26 percent of respondents felt stressed about their finances most or all of the time. This is a shocking figure and by automatizing your savings, you’re one step closer to being in control and ultimately, less stressed!

It’s well worth the effort to set-up an automatic investing account, and it really doesn’t take that long. With today’s technology, you can do it on your phone, on the train, on your lunch break or even while lying in bed. Once set-up, your finances will be auto-magically growing while your stress melts away. There are a huge variety of different strategies on iBillionaire which will suit most of your investing needs.

Take a moment out of your day and set up an auto-investing account today. Your savings, simplified.